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Dr Thomas P. Prescott

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

SySOS Control Group, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford



I am currently a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Control Engineering with Professor Antonis Papachristodoulou, in the SySOS group at the Department of Engineering Science in the University of Oxford. I received an MMath in Mathematics in 2008 as a student of Trinity College, University of Oxford. In 2015 I completed my DPhil (i.e. PhD) in Engineering Science funded by an EPSRC scholarship through the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre. My thesis focused on decomposition and reduction techniques for large-scale ODE models, with applications to models used in Systems and Synthetic Biology. Between these two degrees, I also spent two years as an Operational Research consultant in industry.


  • Layered architecture of complex systems
  • Networked, multi-scale models of dynamical systems
  • Lyapunov & Dissipativity Theory
  • Structured model reduction and error propagation
  • Mathematical, Systems and Synthetic Biology

Additionally, past projects have been in:

My work as an OR consultant at Tui centred on:

  • Yield/revenue management (specifically, using price-sensitive optimization)
  • Search algorithms


Journal Papers

  1. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Designing conservation relations in layered synthetic biomolecular networks. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (Synthetic Biology Special Edition), 9(4):572-580, 2015 DOI PDF
  2. T. P. Prescott, M. Lang, & A. Papachristodoulou. Quantification of interactions between dynamic cellular network functionalities by cascaded layering. PLoS Computational Biology, 11(5):e1004235, 2015 DOI PDF
  3. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Layered decomposition for the model order reduction of timescale separated biochemical reaction networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 356:113-122, 2014 DOI PDF
  4. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Guaranteed error bounds for structured complexity reduction of biochemical networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 304:172-182, 2012 DOI PDF

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  1. T. P. Prescott & A. Gyorgy. Bounding the effect of retroactivity in the presence of parameter uncertainty. Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), Chicago IL, pp.3120-3125, July 2015 IEEExplore PDF
  2. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Structured storage functions for cascaded systems. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Los Angeles CA, pp.5488-5493, December 2014 IEEExplore PDF
  3. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Synthetic Biology: A Control Engineering Perspective. Proceedings of the European Control Conference (ECC), Strasbourg, France, pp.1182-1186, June 2014 IEEExplore PDF
  4. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Signal propagation across layered biochemical networks. Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), Portland OR, pp.3399-3404, June 2014 IEEExplore PDF
  5. T. P. Prescott & A. Papachristodoulou. Layering in networks: The case of biochemical systems. Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), Washington D.C., pp.4544-4549, June 2013 IEEExplore PDF


  1. T. P. Prescott. Large-Scale Layered Systems and Synthetic Biology: Model Reduction and Decomposition. DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford. Submitted: January 2015. Leave to Supplicate: June 2015. Oxford University Research Archive PDF


Any code associated with published research can be found here.


Teaching in Michaelmas (MT) and Hilary (HT) terms at University of Oxford.

  • Tutor, Brasenose College
    • A2 Introduction to Control Theory (MT2015)
  • Tutorial/Class Tutor, Department of Engineering Science
    • B15 Control Systems (MT2015 - TT2016)
    • C10.3 Biosystem Modelling (HT2015)
  • Demonstrator, Synthetic Biology CDT
    • Synthetic Circuit Design (HT2015)
    • Systems & Control Theory for Synthetic Biology (HT2015)
    • Introduction to Systems and Synthetic Biology (MT2014, MT2015)
  • Class tutor, Maths Institute intercollegiate classes
    • C6.2b Networks (HT2014)
  • Teaching Assistant, Maths Institute intercollegiate classes
    • B5a Techniques of Applied Mathematics (MT2013)
    • B5b Applied PDEs (HT2013)
    • B8a Mathematical Biology (MT2012)
  • Class tutor, Biochemistry/Biomedical Sciences
    • Mathematics for Biomedical Sciences Prelims (MT2012 - HT2014)