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Simple Geometry

Consider the geometry shown in the figure below.


Three files can be used to simulate the response of this system.

  • simsimplegeometry.m contains all parameters and executes the simulation.
  • sfunsimplegeometry.m contains the s-function (for more details on how to write S-functions in MALTAB see MATLAB's user guide). There is a line in this code for switching between time-varying and fixed delays.
  • mdlsimplegeometry.m is the SIMULINK file.

For analyzing the results, and to find the mean over time, meanovtime.m is used.

Using these files, the response for omega = 160rad/s for the cases of fixed and time-varying delays is:

Fixed delay, omega = 160 rad/s.
Time-Varying delay, omega = 160 rad/s.

More Complicated Geometry

Consider now the more complicated geometry shown below.


For this case, we have the following MATLAB files.