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Robust and Nonlinear Control Reading Group

We will usually meet straight after the weekly group meeting on Mondays at 11a.m. in MR4. The topics/papers for discussion during group meetings will be posted here as soon as we sort this out.

Michaelmas Term 2011

    • Week 1 group meeting: Controllability of complex networks


*No reading group.
    • Linear Algebra: Week 2 (Bing)

W2 topic: Equilibrium independent passivity (Ed)

Signals and Systems Theory: W3 (James) W3 topic: Power Paper (Bing)

SISO Uncertainty & Robustness: W4 (James) W4 topic:

Design Constraints: W5 (Antonis) W5 topic:

State Space Systems Theory: W6 (Bing) W6 topic:

W7 topic:

Convex Optimization: W8 (Antonis) (28/11) W8 topic: James

W9 topic: Ed, Bing

Hilary Term 2012

Dissipative Dynamical Systems

\mu Analysis and Integral Quadratic Constraints

Sum of Squares

Robust Control Synthesis (H2 and H\infty)

Model Predictive Control

Model Reduction