Welcome to SYSOS


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Welcome to SySOS

A group researching complex networked control systems, biological and technological

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Research Areas

  • Nonlinear systems analysis, Sum of Squares optimization and Lyapunov techniques.
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology.
  • Software Development.
  • Large-scale Networked Systems analysis with communication and structural constraints.
  • Fluid mechanics and Heat transfer, from a control perspective.
  • Complexity reduction of networked systems.
  • Scaling Sum of Squares and Semidefinite Programming.
  • Robust analysis and design of (deep) neural network controllers.

Click here for a more detailed description of these research areas.


  • Mr Patrick Green - DPhil candidate, July 2019-. Co-supervised with Professor Philip Poole.
  • Mr Emmanouil Alexis - DPhil Candidate, October 2019 -. Co-supervised with Professor Luca Cardelli.
  • Mr Miroslav Gasparek - DPhil Candidate, October 2019 -. Co-supervised with Professor Harrison Steel.
  • Mr Han Wang - DPhil Candidate, October 2020 -. Co-supervised with Professor Kostas Margellos.
  • Mr Scott Stacey - DPhil Candidate, July 2021 -. Co-supervised with Professor Harrison Steel.
  • Mr Liqun Zhao - DPhil Candidate, October 2021 -. Co-supervised with Dr Konstantinos Gatsis.
  • Ms Olivia Tjahjono - Probationary Research Student, July 2022 -. Co-supervised with Professor Philip Poole.

Here is a list of previous members.



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  • Antonis Papachristodoulou is elevated to IEEE Fellow for his fundamental contributions to theory and applications of Sum of Squares Programming and networked control systems.

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For more news, click here.

Joining SySOS

  • If you are an Oxford undergraduate interested in doing a summer internship on any of the above research directions (or anything else) get in touch.
  • If you are finishing your undergraduate/masters degree and you want to apply for a DPhil (PhD) or MSc by Research in our group, then please contact us sooner than later to discuss possible projects. Note that there are several Centres of Doctoral Training that are relevant to our research, especially the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP as well as the EPSRC CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems. If you have a strong academic background, the chances of securing funding for your studies are higher the earlier you apply. Note that applications need to follow the Postgraduate Admissions guidelines.
  • There are several other routes for joining SySOS, mainly through fellowships. Please contact us to discuss.

Current and Previous Externally Funded Projects

  • European Space Agency project with GMV (Spain), NGC (Canada) and the University of Leicester, "Worst-Case and Safety Analysis Tools for Autonomous Rendezvous Systems".


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