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  • Clarendon Scholarship, Oxford University, 2009-2012
  • Overseas Research Student Award Scheme (ORSAS), UK Government, 2009-2011


I am currently a D.Phil student in Dynamical Systems and Control Theory in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, where I have been since 2009. I have a Degree in Mathematics (BSc) and a Degree in Electrical Engineering (BE) from the University of Sydney, finishing as an undergraduate at the end of 2006. I worked for 2 years at Esso Australia (ExxonMobil) in process control, instrumentation and optimisation, which was predominantly for natural gas processing plants. In 2009, I was a research associate at Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University (ANU). In 2011, I was a visiting student at the Control and Dynamical Systems group, California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Research Interests


  • Nonlinear dynamical systems; Lyapunov theory, Invariance, Time-varying Systems, Partial Stability, Synchronisation
  • Feedback and control theory
  • Networked systems
  • Convex Optimisation: Sum Of Squares Programming and Semidefinite Programming


  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • Energy


  1. E.J.Hancock and A. Papachristodoulou. Generalised Absolute Stability and Sum of Squares. Automatica (provisionally accepted).
  2. E.J.Hancock and A. Papachristodoulou. Structured Sum of Squares for Networked Systems Analysis. In Proceedings of the 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Orlando, FL, Dec 2011 [1].
  3. E.J.Hancock and A. Papachristodoulou. Generalised Absolute Stability and Sum of Squares. In Proceedings of the 2011 American Control Conference, San Francisco, CAL, June 2011 [2].

Teaching Experience

  • 2011-12: College Lecturer - Christ Church, Oxford
  • 2011: Lab Demonstrator - Oxford University Department of Engineering
  • 2005-06: Tutor - Sydney University Department of Electrical and Information Engineering

Contact Information

  • Department Address: Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PJ